Jaclynn Doucette - 25

Originally from Spencer, MA

Been in NY for 5 years now. Considering moving to LA to try it before she gets too old.




Jessica Duclos - 23

Originally from Quebec City, Canada

Been an actress for two years and one of her goals is to become an international artist.

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Lauren Petzke - 24

Originally from Breckenridge, CO

Just moved back to NY to pursue acting. Had studied acting in NY before moving back west.

Amy Rutledge - 23

Originally from Washington, NJ

Amy is pursuing her dreams, with one goal being a speaking role in a big budget blockbuster film.


Lauren Susan - 23

Originally from Brooklyn, NY

Making strides in the acting field and has done a few horror films with a few more booked next year.

Harri Molese - 65

Originally from Astoria, NY

After retiring, Harri pursued her dream to be an actress. She is now as active as any aspiring actress out there.


Seregon O'Dassey - 26

Originally from Allentown, PA

Usually casted as the vixen but continuing to broaden the roles that she can play.


Sofia Dubrawsky - 30

Originally from Sandy, OR

Just turned 30 and this will be her last year unless something happens. Tired of the endless auditions and struggles of daily living.


Stacey Lewis - 32

Originally from Chicago, IL

Started acting five years ago and feels that success can always just be one project away.

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Adriana Moretti - 36

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland

Has transitioned from the theatre world in Scotland to the indie film world in New York.

Darlene Larson - 70

Originally from Manitoba, Canada

Spent most of her career as a showgirl and her first NY job was at the Latin Quarters, which was owned by Barbara Walter's father. Still actively pursuing acting.