As a film director, I have had the opportunity to work with actresses of varying levels of experience and different character types. One thing that is clear is that it is a tough profession but actresses pursue it with a strong passion. For some, it is about the art and joy of acting. For others, it might be the fame, money and glamour. Something about being in a film that just feels great. So I decided to really find out what the life of an aspiring actress is really like by profiling 11 actresses, age 23 - 70. Getting a broad age range was important because I wanted to see if things changed as actresses get older.

The 87 minute feature film/doc "Life of an Actress" will cover and take you into topics that are not covered in acting school. So journey into Student Films, Indie Films, Family, NY vs LA, Training, Odds of Success, etc. Our actresses are originally from small towns in the USA, from Canada, etc. But they all live in NY now. This film is a must see if you are thinking about becoming an actress. For the rest, you will be able to relate because this is about everyday people and human stories about reaching for a goal that they are passionate about. Check out the Trailer Below and take a look The Series.

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